Chelsea Darling, MA, NCC, ATR-P


Are you ready to break the cycle of anxiety, unhelpful patterns, and reorganize your thoughts? EMDR therapy can help you let go of circular thinking and patterns of worry connected to a distressing memory. It also facilitates the reorganization of thoughts, feelings, and memories related to the memory. When the memory is reorganized in the brain, it is no longer closely tied to the emotions and stimuli attached to it. This provides relief and can feel as though the memory is distant or “fuzzy” and no longer feelings like it has control over your experience. 

Would you benefit from fostering a new, more positive belief system? Traumatic or distressing events can largely impact our internal dialogue and EMDR therapy can change negative dialogue to more positive dialogue and self-beliefs. These new positive self-beliefs, in turn, impact your perspective of yourself,  your relationships, your behavioral choices, and your experience with the world. 

I consider it a privilege to be a part of your process and will be present with you as you experience healing and build resiliency. I look forward to being a part of your journey toward meaningful change, emotional healing, and self-discovery. Give me a call today to set up your first session.

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