Emerald Williams, RMHCI


Every person has flaws. However, accepting these flaws is even harder. If you are looking to increase your self-esteem, allow me to support you on this journey. Whether you have anxiety, depression, anger management issues, or are just having difficulty adjusting to something new in your life allow me to help you. I am here to help you learn new coping skills, talk things out, and, most importantly, I am here to listen. You have already made the step of looking for a counselor and are on your way toward your goal. Allow me to help you set and reach all those long-term goals that keep getting pushed aside.
I work with clients utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which basically means that I teach you to analyze your thoughts, identify the distortions in your thinking, and challenge these thoughts. Everybody, to some degree, has cognitive distortions. Taking control of your thoughts is a huge step to getting you to your desired behavior. By also incorporating EMDR, we can begin to permanently change these underlying negative thoughts and help relieve you of moments that cause you destress. 
Remember, you have already taken the step to looking for a counselor. You are on your way towards your goal. Take another step and reach out today to set up an appointment.