John Rivera Jr., M.S.: Registered Mental Health Counselor Licensee


John Rivera Jr. is a retired United States Marine from Carolina, Puerto Rico, who brings a passion for aiding those impacted by trauma. With 23 years of distinguished service, first as an Infantryman and later as a Regimental Operations Chief, he has a deep-rooted understanding of the mental tolls of high-stakes environments. This insight was the catalyst for his pursuit of a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Hope International University, which he achieved in 2020.

Now an EMDRIA-approved EMDR Therapist, John has advanced his skill set to address the psychological needs of Veterans and First Responders with the precision and empathy that come from lived experience. His expertise in couples therapy complements his individual therapy sessions, allowing him to foster communication and rebuild trust within relationships.

John’s therapeutic approach has evolved to incorporate psychodynamic principles, adding depth to his trauma-informed care and enhancing his capacity for helping clients explore and understand the psychological underpinnings of their behaviors. His work at Anaheim Adult Recovery Center, designing personalized treatment strategies for a wide array of mental health conditions, showcased his versatility and commitment to evidence-based practices.

A leader by nature, John’s operational background uniquely equips him to relate to those in command and leadership roles. He expertly navigates the pressures and challenges inherent in high-stress professions, guiding his clients toward effective stress management and coping strategies.

Beyond his professional endeavors, inspired by Stoic philosophy, John leads a full life, engaging in parkour, weightlifting, running, karaoke, art, and savoring whiskey, which he finds essential to a healthy work-life balance. Heavily influenced by the humanistic philosophies of Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frankl, and Carl Jung, John’s client-centered counseling practice is as much an art as it is a science. He embarks on a journey with his clients towards recovery, growth, and a more fulfilling life, underpinned by a partnership grounded in mutual respect and commitment to progress.

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