My clients have been dealt challenging blows from life and need help in processing what they have experienced and developing the skills to help them move forward in their life. Their issues have come about largely through no fault of their own. They need to hear that they are not their issue and be taught the skills to process what has happened to them. There is a problem and we will work together to uncover what that problem is. They want to live a beautiful life and have greater resilience.
I help my clients process their story. They are a part of a family system that has influenced their decisions and paths and I like to help them understand some of the why’s that led to their challenges and present them with how’s to overcome those challenges. They are not defined by anxiety, depression or trauma.
“Life is beautiful” or is it? I want to help you be able to answer that question with an affirmative “Yes!” There are difficult circumstances but they do not define who you are or how you will navigate this life. You have the final say! Not anxiety, depression or trauma.
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