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I am a  psychologist with a focused specialization in infant- child and maternal mental health, perinatal loss, and trauma, holding the prestigious credential of PMC-C and serving the Hispanic population.  I am a seasoned psychologist licensed in Florida and Puerto Rico, emphasizing a comprehensive approach that extends to psychological evaluations. I am also an author of two books “De la Barriga al Corazon” and “Mis primeros días sin ti, Bebé: Diario Reflexivo de Pérdida Perinatal Para Madres (Spanish Edition).” Beyond my written contributions, I actively engage in advocacy through my roles in the Asociación de Psicología Pre y Perinatal de Puerto Rico and as the co-chair of the Florida chapter of PostPartum Support International.

In psychotherapy, I  strive to cultivate a safe and judgment-free space for my clients, facilitating learning, growth, and healing. My therapeutic toolkit includes EMDR, cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and solution-focused brief therapy. Emphasizing the present moment, my commitment is to create a therapeutic relationship framed in respect and devoid of bias.

As a US Army veteran, I bring a unique blend of military precision and empathetic understanding to my practice. My military service has instilled a sense of dedication and resilience that translates seamlessly into my therapeutic approach.

In the realm of mental health, I consider myself not only a practitioner but also a compassionate guide, utilizing my wealth of experience to enhance the emotional well-being of those I serve. My commitment to creating a safe therapeutic environment, grounded in respect and devoid of judgment, sets the stage for transformative healing journeys.

Currently I am the founder of Latino Kid and Family Mental Health, working with Hispanic families.

My therapies are conducted in Spanish.

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