Mia has over a decade of counseling experience and brings to counseling a cross section of her experiences in Christian ministry, education and the business sectors. She is passionate about helping others heal through challenging situations in life that we all experience. Mia is a licensed mental health counselor serving individuals and families, a Christian Life Coach as well as an EMDR Trained provider. If you’re looking for help in successfully navigating through the difficulties you’re facing, she can provide the extra support you need and lend a helping hand.

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Are you an adult survivor of child abuse that wants to stop being weighed down by what happened? Do you often feel down and as though you will never be good enough no matter how hard you try? Are you struggling with crippling anxiety that won’t release its grip on you? Maybe you’re in a relationship that is really struggling and you're stuck in a negative cycle with your partner. It has come to a point where you are tired of fighting and it is making it difficult to be happy in life. You are at a place where you want to start seeing results with your mental health instead of continuing to struggle. You want peace. I can help you. You want to stop being weighed down by what happened to you and to start healing. You want to love yourself and be confident. You want a stronger relationship. I can help by teaching you new ways to live a healed life and also help you gain insight in a safe and non-judgmental way. I have a very gentle and welcoming approach. Although I have not walked in your shoes, through my own experience of being an adult survivor...

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I am an EMDRIA-trained EMDR therapist. I help you understand how your physical body, mind, spirit, and energetic body are interconnected and affect your relationships, your personal life, your family affairs, and the way you think about yourself. And, specifically how trauma affects your physical body as well as your emotions, behaviors, self-esteem, etc. I have worked with children for years and adults as well. Lately, I have been working with teens and younger adults. I treat those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD, grief, symptoms of PTSD, etc. I also have training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, DBT-Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Short-Term Therapy, and Solution-Focus Therapy. And I use many Positive Psychology tools to better help my clients. I feel blessed for been trained by the best professionals in the Country (Certifications available upon request). My approach is strength-based – Cognitive–behavior, Holistic, and Trauma treatment based. Therefore, I look at your sleep patterns, thoughts, feelings, emotions, the foods you eat, the amount of water you drink, etc. And I will provide you with the appropriate referrals if needed. I will teach you techniques that you will need to practice in order to feel better and reach a healthier and more...

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You may be feeling lonely, disconnected, and stuck repeating the same unhealthy patterns. You may be constantly reliving the past and wish you could just let it go. Maybe your relationships and job just aren’t fulfilling anymore. You’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to do to manage all the stress anymore. You’re tired of giving so much to everyone else but left feeling like no one cares about you. It’s time for a change. You’re ready to finally let go of the past and be excited about the future. You want to feel connected to the people around you. You want to learn how to put yourself first without feeling selfish. You want to take back control of your life and stop beating yourself up for every little thing! I can help you get there. With weekend availability and the ability to see clients in person or online through a secure telehealth platform, therapy is more convenient and accommodating than ever before. Visit my website for more information or reach out to schedule a free, no-obligation 15 minute phone consultation! I can’t wait to be a part of your healing journey!

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Nikki Rodriguez MS LMHC is licensed in the state of Florida to provide mental health counseling. She is a certified EMDR Therapist, 200 hr trained yoga teacher, and holds a certificate in maternal mental health. She completed her undergraduate at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Liberal Studies specializing in behavioral and social sciences and education and minoring in criminal justice. Upon graduation, Nikki spent the next six years teaching 4th grade in Fort Pierce, FL. Through her experience as a teacher, she realized that she wanted to help her students beyond their academics. Subsequently, Nikki enrolled in Nova Southeastern University and completed the Master of Science program in counseling. Nikki's approach is direct, yet compassionate, and her clients appreciate her ability to assist them in uncovering those "hard truths" while holding space in a nonjudgmental environment. Nikki believes that a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients is essential to a positive outcome. Her approach is solution focused, flexible, client centered, and collaborative. She treats the individual, not the diagnosis, and believes that you are the expert in your own life.

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Tom is a dedicated, resourceful, and a motivated clinical social worker, EMDR therapist, and hypnotherapist who endeavors to best utilize his skills in the areas of counseling and teaching to help people, their families, and our community grow in a positive direction. He has a private practice in Vero Beach, FL where he employs a unique ability to engage, empower, and motivate clients to change their thought processes to overcome adversity and effectively manage psychosocial stressors. Tom received his Master of Social Work at Barry University, is a Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist, and is a Certified EMDR practitioner and Consultant in Training. Tom is also a Marine Corps veteran who helps other veterans overcome their own challenges and is passionate about educating other healthcare professionals and to bring about awareness of mental health issues in the community.

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Verónica Vázquez, RMHCI received her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida. She has experience working with individuals who are dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, stress, trauma, and life transitions. As part of her continued learning, Verónica completed training for EMDR with Dr. Dobo. She has seen firsthand the immense positive impact EMDR has on the lives of clients. Verónica provides a safe, compassionate, nonjudgmental space for you to explore and move forward from your past traumas and narratives.

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Hi! My name is Kimberly Carew, RMHCI, NCC. I am a Nationally Certified Mental Health Counselor in Florida. I provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy in Florida, as well as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction therapy. I care about the status of mental health in Florida, that’s why I’m passionate about consistently providing quality services. In my client-let approach to therapy, I welcome clients of all demographics, whether it’s virtual, telehealth therapy, or in-person at my office in Trinity, Florida. My fast-growing practice is quickly becoming recognized as one of the best Trinty counseling services! Being an MBSR therapist and EMDR therapist allows me to address a vast array of symptoms. Using the techniques of EMDR and MBSR I assist my clients in working through all types of trauma and other conditions that were holding them back. Of course, the main focus of my EMDR practice is trauma therapy, though EMDR does have other applications. MBSR therapy is a very complementary therapy to the EMDR therapy process. And, depending on the needs of the client, other person-centered techniques may be incorporated into the treatment process. So, what is MBSR therapy? It does wonderful things when it’s worked on and put...

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As a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, I have see many clients find freedom in healing from trauma. Beyond the symptoms of nightmares, flashbacks, and hypervigilence, EMDR focuses treatment on the underlying false lessons learned from trauma. The idea that we are not safe, we are not worthy of love, and other core wounds are uncovered and processes during sessions. I provide a safe space to face the experiences that affect your well being.

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I know that reaching out for help can be a scary and humbling process. I know because I have been there. That is why I am passionate about meeting people where they are and building a collaborative relationship with clients. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Board-Certified Counselor with more than ten years’ experience.  Additionally, I am a Certified Trauma-Informed Care Practitioner and a Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga instructor. I am also an EMDR practitioner who was trained through the EMDR Institute of America. EMDR is the fastest and most effective path to healing. Supported by numerous research studies EMDR resolves persistent symptoms that do not respond to talk therapy. EMDR is a highly effective intervention for trauma, but also for a variety of other issues such as anxiety, perfectionism, phobias, addiction, depression, and more. I understand the importance of wellness over symptom management and believe in treating the whole person. I offer day and evening appointments and conduct all of my services via telehealth. It is my greatest honor to be a part of your healing journey. I also offer Qualified Supervision for Registered Mental Health Counseling Interns.

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