Dr. Cherri Ann Jennewein; “CJ’s”.  She began her career in Animal Emergency Medicine while pursuing her degree's in Human Medicine. She raised 3 children, and they are the best. From 2005 to present emergency medicine has always been her favorite practice, where academia runs a close second. She teaches Nurse Practitioners, and heads a program for infectious disease; specifically Hepatitis C. She is a strong patient advocate and understands medication interactions. She studied this in an IRB approved review where enzymes rule and interactions abound. This study cross referenced enzyme metabolism, then compared many different types of hazardous drug interactions to respected treatment modalities with protocols for chronic conditions. Her additional certifications are in toxicology, trauma, and mental health. Most currently she is helping to expand the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which has been proven to help people heal from stressful events. Dr. Jennewein is a certified EMDR therapist.

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There is often an overwhelming feeling, event, or life transition that brings someone to therapy, and, usually, that's only after they've tried to run away, ignore, or just push through "it." It’s not that you aren’t trying hard enough. You need support, and that’s ok. My goal is to support you through the process of healing and finding yourself again or for the first time. I use EMDR to help clients reprocess traumatic or difficult experiences, to find relief from the symptoms that have been troubling them recently or for years. I have extensive experience working with victims/survivors of trauma (including complex/childhood) as well as their families. Another passion of mine is perinatal mental health (prenatal, infertility, loss, postpartum, breastfeeding stress, etc.), and I can help you prepare for, navigate, and cope with these different stages. Looking for a therapist is both vulnerable and brave, and those two characteristics make all the difference. I am here to support you through the next steps. Christovich Counseling, LLC is offering EMDR through telehealth in the panhandle and throughout the state of Florida. If you wondering how EMDR (or therapy in general) works through telehealth, schedule a free, brief consultation through the website...

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