Hi there! I’m Robert I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor;License Number: MH22765 and I focus on helping individuals with ADHD overcome distressing life events (trauma) through the use of EMDR Therapy and CBT therapy. I studied at Oral Roberts University, where I received my Masters of Counseling degree. In my eleven years of experience, I gathered a diverse set of skills working with adults, young adults, teenagers, and their families in an in-patient mental health hospital, a community psychiatric outpatient service for adults, an outpatient office, and most recently on the college campus at Florida Southwestern State College (FSW). I have provided individual, person-centered counseling services to teens, young adults, and adults struggling with mental health issues and behavioral concerns I'm highly trained in working with people who are living with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and relationship problems. Theory of Counseling I believe therapy can be used to meet individuals where they are and help them challenge and change to become the best versions of themselves. I am a neurodiversity-affirming, culturally responsive, 2SLGBTQ+ affirming therapist who celebrates your full identity. I am confident in helping individuals develop efficient ways to communicate, implement appropriate skills for coping, foster healthy relationships, set...

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Every person has flaws. However, accepting these flaws is even harder. If you are looking to increase your self-esteem, allow me to support you on this journey. Whether you have anxiety, depression, anger management issues, or are just having difficulty adjusting to something new in your life allow me to help you. I am here to help you learn new coping skills, talk things out, and, most importantly, I am here to listen. You have already made the step of looking for a counselor and are on your way toward your goal. Allow me to help you set and reach all those long-term goals that keep getting pushed aside. I work with clients utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which basically means that I teach you to analyze your thoughts, identify the distortions in your thinking, and challenge these thoughts. Everybody, to some degree, has cognitive distortions. Taking control of your thoughts is a huge step to getting you to your desired behavior. By also incorporating EMDR, we can begin to permanently change these underlying negative thoughts and help relieve you of moments that cause you destress.  Remember, you have already taken the step to looking for a counselor. You are on...

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Hi there! My name is Elena and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Qualified Supervisor (LMHC-QS). I have been using EMDR in my practice since 2019 and it has really enhanced the way I practice as a therapist. I instantly clicked with this evidenced based therapy in my training and am so confident in its effectiveness that I am currently going through the rigorous process of being a Consultant-in-Training with Dr. Dobo. The thing I like most about EMDR is that I am working with clients who are truly done carrying their baggage. They bravely face their distressing thoughts and feelings and the power of EMDR breaks their negative cognitions. I get to be the person that helps that process move along. I get hold a safe space for my clients. I get to see transformation. My holistic approach with EMDR helps to heal the whole person-not just the symptoms. Please check out my website to learn more about me and schedule a session. If you are ready let go, I am ready to guide. You can do this.

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We are a group practice specializing in EMDR therapy and marriage and family therapy.

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