Dr. Wheeler is a former Navy SEAL and combat veteran.  He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and adjunct professor.  He specializes working with veterans and first responders, addressing issues associated with PTSD and Moral Injury. Also dealing with “little traumas” that most people experience, Dr. Wheeler treats the negative cognitions that lead to prolonged anxiety, depression, and guilt.  While focusing on trauma at all levels, he primarily employs EMDR in both clinical-psychological and Christian approaches to therapy.   Dr. Wheeler received his Master of Theology and Ph.D. degrees from Mercer University in Atlanta, and is owner of Pathfinders Counseling Services in Lake Oconee, Georgia, which services the greater Atlanta and Athens areas. He currently lives just outside the metro-Atlanta area with his wife and two children, as well as his other two children………the dog and cat. LLTB!

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I am accepting new clients. Much of my clinical experience has involved working with adults, teens, and their families impacted by addiction, co-occurring mental health issues, anxiety, mood disorders, and adverse childhood experiences. As a practitioner I aim to build a relationship with each of my clients that involves the foundational elements of meeting individuals where they are at, developing trust, and displaying unconditional positive regard. I utilize therapeutic skills in sessions that are solution-focused and healing-centered. I believe that every individual possesses the strength and potential to work through life’s problems. I seek to help my clients discover this potential and learn skills and strategies that will help them to achieve their goals. At the core of every therapeutic relationship is the alliance that an individual develops with their therapist. Working with people who have a diverse number of identities and backgrounds, I value, honor, and celebrate differences. I look forward to cultivating a strong, working relationship with each of my clients.

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Keela Coppersmith (MS, LPC) is a licensed professional counselor who works with people ages 4-40. She is most experienced in working with children, adolescents, and young adults. She utilizes a client-centered perspective to help clients achieve their own, unique goals for wellness. Keela works to prioritize empathy and understanding as a top priority in treatment. While completing her internship, Keela worked primarily with foster care/newly adopted children in Milwaukee County. In addition to standard talk therapy, she is certified in EMDR therapy. She is also a certified facilitator for Prepare/Enrich couples counseling. She has received additional training in: anxiety/depression treatment, play therapy, parent coaching, trauma and grief counseling, and treating self-destructive behaviors.

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My hope is to support you in making a well-informed decision in finding approaches or strategies that gets you closer to your desired outcome and find ways to navigate through your pain, struggle, or problem. Our journey together would involve exploring fulfillment in multiple dimensions of your life – Self, Relationship, Sexual Intimacy, and Career. Please kindly visit my website: https://www.inspirelovemft.com

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Leah Is a Licensed Professional Counselor who graduated from Troy University with a Degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology. She has 9 years working experience in the mental health field, which she started in Substance Abuse Counseling. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and has 2 plus years’ experience in the area of trauma and PTSD. Leah enjoys using brain science relation to mental health in effort to create a better understanding of the challenges individuals face when it comes to feelings and behavior. Leah has lived in Alabama all her life and is raising her 2 children in her hometown. She has a strong connection to family and an understanding of the importance of a solid support system. Her attention in practice is focused on depression, anxiety, trauma, family dynamics, relationship issues and self-esteem. She has worked to develop a repertoire of therapeutic skills through use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). I am a therapist because I have learned that a vast amount of people feel isolated, overlooked, exhausted, worthless, sad, anxious and fearful. They need a person to listen...

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Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy helped me change so many lives that it ended up changing my own life. By treating my clients with this transformative therapy, I’ve realized the limitless power of healing we have as therapists. When I started providing consultation to newly trained EMDR therapists, I discovered that many therapists need help and support on their journey. Many therapists find it hard to navigate the endless flow of information from books, articles, studies, and, of course, the internet. To help therapists learn and grow, I created the EMDR learning community, where clinicians read and learn together. EMDR is a transformational form of psychotherapy. It has the potential to create long-lasting changes for our clients. Mediocre therapy will lead to mediocre outcomes or worse—make your client worse.  I believe that mediocracy is not an option.  Sadly, many EMDR-trained therapists are afraid to use this transformative therapy in their practice or are unsure about what to do when things get complicated. What do you do when a SUD level doesn’t change, or when your client starts dissociating in session? I don’t have all the answers, but I continue exploring.

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Olga is one amongst 7 to 8 Latina Therapists at her Group Practice with Therapy Works Counseling Services in Dallas, Texas (including Frisco and Ft. Worth).   She has served as a Clinical Supervisor for Utah's Juvenile Justice Services and Program Administrator for Utah’s Juvenile Competence Attainment Provider Program.  She also had her own private practice in the downtown Salt Lake City Area. She is licensed in both Utah (CMHC) and Texas (LPC, MC). Olga has extensive experience as a therapist for Saibara-Cook Psychological Services, 4TheYouth, Family Counseling Services and Utah’s Department of Juvenile Justice Services (JJS).  As a therapist with JJS she was a part of Gemstone Residential, Genesis Day Skills Intervention and In-Home Observation and Assessment. Olga has been able to work with both youth and their families in order to better assist youth as they transition back home and back into their communities. Olga has also held diverse positions in law enforcement, in different capacities and has extensive experience in dealing with both victims and offenders (both juvenile and adult) involved with the criminal justice system. Olga’s encompassing training, personal and professional experiences make her an asset as a mental health counselor and educator.

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