I am accepting new clients. Much of my clinical experience has involved working with adults, teens, and their families impacted by addiction, co-occurring mental health issues, anxiety, mood disorders, and adverse childhood experiences. As a practitioner I aim to build a relationship with each of my clients that involves the foundational elements of meeting individuals where they are at, developing trust, and displaying unconditional positive regard. I utilize therapeutic skills in sessions that are solution-focused and healing-centered. I believe that every individual possesses the strength and potential to work through life’s problems. I seek to help my clients discover this potential and learn skills and strategies that will help them to achieve their goals. At the core of every therapeutic relationship is the alliance that an individual develops with their therapist. Working with people who have a diverse number of identities and backgrounds, I value, honor, and celebrate differences. I look forward to cultivating a strong, working relationship with each of my clients.

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