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Hello! I am a Gainesville, Fl-based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and State Approved Supervisor. I offer in person and virtual appointments. I accept United and Aetna insurances in-network, and BCBS out of network. I operate from narrative and systemic frameworks and am an EMDRIA approved EMDR therapist.

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Every person has flaws. However, accepting these flaws is even harder. If you are looking to increase your self-esteem, allow me to support you on this journey. Whether you have anxiety, depression, anger management issues, or are just having difficulty adjusting to something new in your life allow me to help you. I am here to help you learn new coping skills, talk things out, and, most importantly, I am here to listen. You have already made the step of looking for a counselor and are on your way toward your goal. Allow me to help you set and reach all those long-term goals that keep getting pushed aside. I work with clients utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which basically means that I teach you to analyze your thoughts, identify the distortions in your thinking, and challenge these thoughts. Everybody, to some degree, has cognitive distortions. Taking control of your thoughts is a huge step to getting you to your desired behavior. By also incorporating EMDR, we can begin to permanently change these underlying negative thoughts and help relieve you of moments that cause you destress.  Remember, you have already taken the step to looking for a counselor. You are on...

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As a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, I have see many clients find freedom in healing from trauma. Beyond the symptoms of nightmares, flashbacks, and hypervigilence, EMDR focuses treatment on the underlying false lessons learned from trauma. The idea that we are not safe, we are not worthy of love, and other core wounds are uncovered and processes during sessions. I provide a safe space to face the experiences that affect your well being.

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I earned my master’s in social work from the University of Alabama and am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) with 5 years of experience in the field. I have experience with ages 13+ and a wide variety of diagnoses. I am currently based in Auburn, AL but have telehealth capabilities for the state of Florida and the rest of the state of Alabama. I am passionate about mental health, living a healthy lifestyle, and healing from past trauma to improve quality of life. I am a huge supporter of EMDR modalities for healing traumas and other symptoms and negative beliefs about oneself. I have personally healed through EMDR and seen the obvious progress of multiple clients while working with them through the 8-phase process. I quickly chose to complete an additional training on using EMDR through an attachment lens and thoroughly enjoy working with the diagnoses of C-PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorders, which both stem from significant developmental trauma and lead to anxious and/or avoidant attachment styles. I integrate CBT, parts work, attachment work, grief work, self-acceptance work, assertiveness training with boundary setting and maintenance training, and mindfulness strategies with EMDR. I meet each client where they are...

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I know that reaching out for help can be a scary and humbling process. I know because I have been there. That is why I am passionate about meeting people where they are and building a collaborative relationship with clients. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Board-Certified Counselor with more than ten years’ experience.  Additionally, I am a Certified Trauma-Informed Care Practitioner and a Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga instructor. I am also an EMDR practitioner who was trained through the EMDR Institute of America. EMDR is the fastest and most effective path to healing. Supported by numerous research studies EMDR resolves persistent symptoms that do not respond to talk therapy. EMDR is a highly effective intervention for trauma, but also for a variety of other issues such as anxiety, perfectionism, phobias, addiction, depression, and more. I understand the importance of wellness over symptom management and believe in treating the whole person. I offer day and evening appointments and conduct all of my services via telehealth. It is my greatest honor to be a part of your healing journey. I also offer Qualified Supervision for Registered Mental Health Counseling Interns.

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I've been a member of veteran and first responder communities for over 20 years and I specialize in working with those populations, including those struggling with chronic illnesses and rehabilitative medicine. Prior to counseling, I also served for fifteen years as an educator and developed a passion for helping adolescents and young adults to navigate their pathways to adulthood. As unique individuals, we benefit most from unique treatment plans, designed to fit our specific needs and goals. I utilize several neuroscience-informed counseling methods, including mindfulness exercises, neuroeducation and EMDR. I believe strongly in the power of animal assisted therapy, and I have a therapy dog to comfort my clients whenever desired. It is a privilege to walk with my clients on their journey toward growth and wholeness, and my first priority is to establish a safe and secure space in which to conduct those explorations. I want them to feel comfortable with me and to feel heard and understood while we take this path together.

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Dr. Wheeler is a former Navy SEAL and combat veteran.  He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and adjunct professor.  He specializes working with veterans and first responders, addressing issues associated with PTSD and Moral Injury. Also dealing with “little traumas” that most people experience, Dr. Wheeler treats the negative cognitions that lead to prolonged anxiety, depression, and guilt.  While focusing on trauma at all levels, he primarily employs EMDR in both clinical-psychological and Christian approaches to therapy.   Dr. Wheeler received his Master of Theology and Ph.D. degrees from Mercer University in Atlanta, and is owner of Pathfinders Counseling Services in Lake Oconee, Georgia, which services the greater Atlanta and Athens areas. He currently lives just outside the metro-Atlanta area with his wife and two children, as well as his other two children………the dog and cat. LLTB!

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Are you asking yourself why you can't move past something? If you will ever feel better? The process of healing trauma through therapy is a journey - one that can provide an opportunity for growth with help and support. Traditional talk therapy often attempts to rationalize what seems to be irrational. The fact is, our nervous systems react in ways that make perfect sense in the face of traumatic experiences. As a clinician, I provide a safe, nurturing, and empathetic therapeutic experience. My goal is to provide an opportunity for my clients to express their pain and hardships as we explore ways to move towards resiliency, fulfillment, wellness, while gaining a greater sense of freedom to be their authentic, relaxed, joyful selves. You are not broken. You do not need to suffer in life. And you do not need to bear the burden alone. I am looking forward to hearing your story and walking alongside you in this journey.

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