I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy and that we all deserve the space to explore themselves and reflect on what it is that we want most from life. My experience as a first responder mental health clinician and working with mandated clients has instilled in me a highly strengths-based, direct approach and taught me to value each person’s right to self-determination. I am not here to judge you. As your clinician, I honor your choices and work with you to design a strategy that best supports your needs. In addition to receiving my Master’s of Social Work from Columbia University with clinical specialization, I have been trained as a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, EMDR Certified Clinician and Addiction counselor. Please feel free to reach out- I am happy to discuss your needs with you, and discover the ways in which I can support you in your process of self-discovery.

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Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy helped me change so many lives that it ended up changing my own life. By treating my clients with this transformative therapy, I’ve realized the limitless power of healing we have as therapists. When I started providing consultation to newly trained EMDR therapists, I discovered that many therapists need help and support on their journey. Many therapists find it hard to navigate the endless flow of information from books, articles, studies, and, of course, the internet. To help therapists learn and grow, I created the EMDR learning community, where clinicians read and learn together. EMDR is a transformational form of psychotherapy. It has the potential to create long-lasting changes for our clients. Mediocre therapy will lead to mediocre outcomes or worse—make your client worse.  I believe that mediocracy is not an option.  Sadly, many EMDR-trained therapists are afraid to use this transformative therapy in their practice or are unsure about what to do when things get complicated. What do you do when a SUD level doesn’t change, or when your client starts dissociating in session? I don’t have all the answers, but I continue exploring.

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